The Robotics Engineer Explained

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The Robotics Engineer Explained

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Image: – Sokanu page explains What does a Robotics Engineer do? – AFAM STEM


Sokanu page explains What does a Robotics Engineer do?

From the page:

A robotics engineer is a behind-the-scenes designer, who is responsible for creating robots and robotic systems that are able to perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. Through their creations, a robotics engineer helps to make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

A robotics engineer will spend the majority of their time designing the plans needed to build robots. They also design the processes necessary for the robot to run correctly. Some of these professionals are also responsible for designing the machines that actually assemble the robots. Once the design phase has been completed, only then do they move toward assembling the unit.

See the full page:

What does a Robotics Engineer do?




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