Solution: Black Women Robotics Team

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Solution: Black Women Robotics Team

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Image: – Create a Robotics Team to Encourage Study of Robotics and Mathmatics – AFAM STEM


Black Nerd Problems has an article on Black Women In Robotics: Giving Birth To The Future, that presents a solution to the challenge of getting more Black women in robotice. The solution: Create a Robotics Team to Encourage Study of Robotics and Mathmatics.

From the article:

Enter the Spelbots. Founded in 2004 on the campus of the historically Black women's college Spelman, this group of young women made history the very next year when they became the first all African-American undergraduate girls team to qualify and compete in the International RoboCup four-legged robot soccer competition. In just one year they went from not existing to competing on a national level. The Spelbots had to engineer robots that could perform in a soccer match against other robots designed by students from various institutions.

The team was created by Dr. Andrew Williams to encourage students at Spelman to study robotics and mathematics. His idea has evolved into an important fixture at the college which now boasts a Spelbots Day, bringing K-12 students to the campus so they can engage with the humanoid robots, observe programming demonstrations, and simply receive encouragement and mentorship from young people who look like themselves.

Read the full article:

Black Women In Robotics: Giving Birth To The Future
by Alva Jones | on January 8, 2016




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