Solution: Black Computer Programmer Starts Online Programming School in Ohio

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Taurus James is a Black Computer Programmers Promoting STEM with an Online Programming School in Ohio

Taurus, a civilian male military spouse,  is promoting the importance of teaching students how to code and build robots, through his appeals to military familes and others about theneed for more focus on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education.

One of the few coding schools in the country is based in Ohio. The founder don't look like your typical entrepreneurs in the world of technology. He is black, overriding the stereotype that there are no black tech entrepreneurs in America. The truth is that they exist everywhere, and they are very good when given an opportunity.

Future Technology Professionals (FTP) was founded in 2012, and is an onlinel school based in Ohio that teaches HTML/CSS and User Experience Design. The classes are intensive, three months long, one to three days a week, and taught in person.

The founder of Future Technology Professionals (FTP) is Taurus James, an IT professional with more than 20 years ofr computer programming experience.

At Future Technology Professionals (FTP), people learn how to build websites and apps.

According to Research by CB Insights, less than 1 percent of tech start-ups are founded by African-Americans.

Future Technology Professionals (FTP) will introduce coding to military families next summer.

There are many challenges black Americans face when it comes to STEM, Computers Programming, Robotic Engineering and the Technology industry overall. My solutions to the challenges are based on the following approach:

1. Give opportunity
2. Inspire, influence, Impact
3. Expose to others who look like them and who are doing the same thing

Coding classes at Future Technology Professionals (FTP) cost///.